How to use this site


Using the gene letter table When you click a letter on the table to the left, you will be shown all genes starting with that letter that have variants associated with them.

Viewing gene variants The “+” sign next to each gene indicates that you can click it to show all variant data. Click the gene again if you want to hide the variants. Your viewing options are remembered the next time you visit that page.

Sorting variant information When viewing variant data for a gene, you can sort the information by clicking the table headers. A arrow indicates descending order. Keep clicking until you see an arrow for ascending order.

Viewing extended annotation data You can view extended annotation data by clicking the small orange box to the left of each row. This opens up the information in a new page. You can either print or download a PDF of the variant of interest.

Seeing quick annotation data To see a ‘quick’ annotation overview, click any part of the row except the orange box. You'll see a popup with the annotation data. To dismiss the popup, click to the top left or anywhere outside the box.

Getting Support

Please get in touch if you experience any issues with using this site.