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When including DVD data in publication, please use the following citation:

Deafness Variation Database ( (Accessed: {Month} {Year}).

Please cite the below reference:
Azaiez H, Booth KT, et al. Genomic Landscape and Mutational Signatures of Deafness-Associated Genes American Journal of Human Genetics. September 20, 2018, DOI:


Population analysis

We collated all previously reported deafness-causing variants as described in the following publication:

Shearer AE, et al. Utilizing ethnic-specific differences in minor allele frequency
  to re-categorize reported pathogenic deafness variants. Am J Hum Genet


The DVD was built using the freely available Cordova variation database management software which is described in the following publication:

Ephraim SS, et al. Cordova: Web-based management of genetic variation data.
  Bioinformatics 2014.

Data sources

Please take a look at the data sources we use for DVD annotation.


Jesaitis, A. Variant Notation: In simplicity we find complexity. Our 2 SNPs... ®